How to Play Music for Your Baby While Pregnant


When you are pregnant, your baby hears everything that goes on around you. The sounds may be muffled, but once your baby’s ears are developed, he can hear. Your baby will not understand what he is hearing, but that should not stop you from playing music for your baby. In fact, playing music for your baby while pregnant is one of the best early develop techniques you can use. Since music makes us feel so good, gestating babies benefit from our endorphins and positive feelings. You might even be able to make an impact on your baby’s musical preferences after him his born.

Music Can Be Heard at 20 Weeks

So, how do you play music for your baby while pregnant? It is easier than most people think. In fact, it is as easy as turning on the radio and letting your favorite tunes fill the room. Once babies reach 20 weeks, they can hear you and the noises you hear. Anywhere that you can play music, consider turning the sound up so your baby can hear it. Remember, that the sound travels through your body and through the amniotic fluid that protects your baby. Don’t turn up the music too loudly, but loud enough that you enjoy it – because your baby will, too. It’s also discussed in the most recent product I discovered for a friend who has been trying to get pregnant. If you are struggling to conceive, educate yourself with books. I personally had great experience with Lauren Lee’s product. Here’s the link to Pregnancy Approach review: eBook, pdf, and download are available for free.

Try Out Headphones

Some mothers will use headphones to help their babies hear their favorite music. This simply involves putting headphones on your belly. Because the sound is not diluted through the air, it does not have to be too loud. If you do play your music at a sound that is overwhelming for your baby, it will not be beneficial. In fact, your baby could be irritated by music that is too loud. If you want to relax your baby, play music with a slow and gentle beat. Keep in mind that those little ears are sensitive to excessive noises, even with the protection of the amniotic fluid.

Investigate Pregnancy Music Technology

Another way that you can play music for your baby for your baby while pregnant is with special technology. There are specially designed gadgets that allow you to play music for your baby everywhere you go. One popular gadget includes speakers that use adhesive to connect right to your skin. These speakers play from your smartphone so your baby can listen at any time. The adhesive speakers do not show through clothes, and they are set to a recommended volume.

Sing To Your Baby

Since your baby prefers your voice to any other noise, you can always sing for your baby. Your voice is the easiest thing for your baby to hear. It doesn’t matter if you sing off key or if you are a solo virtuoso, your baby loves your voice. If you do not have confidence in your ability to sing with other people around, you can always sing when you are by yourself in the shower or the car. Your baby will love everything you sing. If you have no idea what to sing, try singing the alphabet or open up your favorite book and sing the words on the page. The tune doesn’t matter. It’s the singing voice that does.

Play Instruments for Your Baby

You could also play music for your baby while pregnant with your instruments for your baby. It doesn’t matter if you play drums in a heavy metal rock band or you are only comfortable playing “Chopsticks” on the piano, your baby will hear it. You could also sing along with the instrumental music for the added benefit of your baby.

1393987055497Recommendations for Baby Music

Lastly, your baby benefits from listening to a variety of different sounds and musical styles. Of course, it is fun to share your favorite styles and musicians with your baby, but you can also expose your baby to styles that you might not hear often. Why not listen to jazz or even some white noise? The sounds begin to build the neural pathways in your baby’s brain. It is recommended that babies in utero are not exposed to more than two hours of vigorous music per day. So, be aware of your baby’s movements and lack of movements during musical hours. The ideal volume is one that allows you to speak over it. Babies can become aggravated by music that has too speedy a drum beat, so it might not be time to introduce speed metal or other music with loud sounds.

What to Consider When You Buy Piano Lessons on DVDs


boy_at_pianoLearning piano lessons on DVD can be the best way to learn how to play piano especially when your time is limited or when you just want to learn on your own. Learning how to play piano requires interest, patience, and commitment. A great piano lesson helps you to learn at your pace. Of course, you will be able to take one lesson at a time and as many times as you like. However, before buying a Piano lesson on DV’s, there are some factors you need to put into consideration. We will discuss what you need to consider when purchasing piano lessons on DVDs.

Instructor’s explanation

When purchasing a piano DVD, you need to ensure that there is an instructor, explaining the entire program on the DVDs. You must look at his teaching methods and evaluate yourself. Of course, you must buy a course that is easy to understand and learn with. The instructor should make the learning easy and straightforward. It is advisable to purchase a DVD that comes with practice workbook. It is important to buy a DVD that comes with a play-along CD with pre-written songs. This would be an excellent training aid. You cannot learn how to do something by just watching. That’s why it is essential to buy a piano learning program that comes with a workbook and play-along CD. They would be great benefits.

Chords and notes

If you want to learn chords first and notes later, you must purchase a DVD that perfectly suits your style of learning. This will save you money for a second lesson you may not have budgeted for. But a DVD that makes it easier and simpler for you to learn piano by on your own. Some DVDs are challenging and complicated to understand. Choose the one that has an instructor using simple English that can be understood and put into practice.

Short video clips

It is important to buy a training program that has short video clips that show you how and where to place your hands. Your hands need to be put on the keyboard in a particular style when you’re playing certain chords and keys. Video clips would be of great benefit to visual learners. Knowing how and where to place your hands while playing a certain song, rhythm or tune is the best thing.

Free online support

A good program should have a free online support. It is advisable to buy an original DVD from a certified dealer. Ensure that you can seek support online from the instructor or online specialists. There are different piano lessons in the market and many people end up buying just because it is a piano lesson course. It is very crucial to consider some factors to avoid buying a useless stuff.

Right hardware for piano lesson DVD

Before buying a piano program, ensure you have the right equipment such as DVD player. Ensure that you have a functioning DVD player at home. If you don’t have one or the one you have is no longer effective, you need to purchase another so as to follow piano lessons. The lessons will help you cover different lessons including styles, theory, and right techniques. You will learn chord construction techniques, use of foot pedals among others.

The best thing with physical DVDs is that you will save money. An enormous amount of money that you would have paid for a piano class. This DVD will help you save money and learn at your pace. You can repeat one lesson for as many times as you wish.

Should have a piano

You should not buy a teaching lesson if you don’t have a piano. Having a piano at home would be good. You must put what you’re watching into practice, as we have said; you can’t learn to play piano just by watching a piano video. You need to have all the necessary stuff before making a purchase.

We have helped many people learn piano. Your commitment, patience will make you better in this course. Having a piano and the right piano lessons is the first step. DVD should be easy to follow and put theory into actual practice. Take a hint from the best yoga DVDs for beginners online. They dominate their market, and we certainly can learn a thing or two from other industries. Choose the right course that perfectly suits you.

3 Ways Music Can Help You Lose Weight


music_helps_recovery-300x200An important factor in losing weight is by improving your emotional state. Why? Because losing weight is easier when you feel good. If you’re thinking negative thoughts, whether they’re negative thoughts about your body, relationships, your job, your attempt to lose weight will be more difficult.

Obsession about Music is all about the appreciation of its tunes, beats, the lyrics, and the hums. Music relaxes the whole sense and shows a great moment of relaxation. Going with the beat of the drums your body will attune to its sound. As the beat goes on and on you will surely feel the groove and dance your way out. Again, you will find yourself enjoying the great sound of music.

Losing weight becomes much easier when you’re in a positive emotional state. If you have challenges in your life, I’m not suggesting you sugar coat those challenges. What I am suggesting is to find reasons to feel good anyway. Your job is to discover that silver lining and focus on it.

I have found that the easiest way to improve your emotional state is to listen to music. What type of music? That’s easy. Whatever type of music you like. The only requirement is that the music that you choose be uplifting. It has to make you feel better, energized, and happy. The kind of songs that makes you want to get up and move. Allow your body to become immersed in the rhythm and let your spirits soar. You can use Dance music to exercise. Dancing along with a nice tune sets your nerves in a groove to move your body.

You might try dancing in the privacy of your home to the music. Go ahead, don’t be shy start grooving to some tunes. Not only will the movement be good for your body, but it’s also good for your soul. You will feel happier, younger more joyful and those good feelings will last for hours. If you don’t want to dance, try doing your household chores while you’re listening to your favorite music. You might have so much fun that you might start to look forward to doing them.

Music will not only make you feel more energy. Research has shown that the more you listen to music it is, the more you get to move your body. People who listen to music while they exercise or perform any physical activity focus on the music, not the physical effort. This results in people working out longer and at a higher intensity. All of which is excellent for your body and your weight loss goals.

Try this little test. Pick two kinds of music; One sorrowful, slow, and depressing and one euphoric, quick, and uplifting. Now see what effects each one has on your workout. I’ll bet the slow tape makes your workout a little harder while the quick tape makes it easier.

Listening to music additionally provides an escape from the negative thoughts that weigh you down. When you’re listening to uplifting music, you can’t help but feel good. Your worries and concerns seem to dissipate as the melodies wash over and renew your heart.

In a prior study, Gerene Bauldoff, Ph.D., R.N., the lead researcher and an assistant professor at the Ohio State University College of Nursing in Columbus stated that “Music prevented the exercisers from focusing on how breathless they felt” Bauldoff believes it can inspire all types of exercisers to extend their workouts.

pulse3So break out some tunes and put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Now imagine that smile as you see the pounds come off. And that’s music to our ears.

Just try hard to make a move, stepping a little over here or there will make good efforts. Take note; that music has been an excellent source of communal unity. In Prehistoric times tribes have to dance during the night to celebrate the harvest of the day. Thus, music has been very much a part of our lives. So it is a challenge that let dance music be a part of your lives too. It has been a daily activity by your ancestors in the past but how come you disregard the power of music to make you slim, fit, and healthy.

Now for those of you who are looking to get started on the healthy journey, there is a diet and exercise program I fell in love with. However, this is a different topic (I also want to make this post short). But go ahead and read all about the Beta Switch system guide – free diet plan pdf here. And be sure to let me know your results.

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